MEASURE SS – VALLEY CENTER FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT – To improve and maintain Valley Center Fire Protection District’s essential fire protection/emergency medical services; reduce fire/9-1-1 response times; recruit/retain qualified firefighters/paramedics and personnel, provide living wages; replace aging, lifesaving equipment; build a fire station, helping lower homeowner/business fire insurance rates, shall Valley Center Fire Protection District Ordinance #2018-01 approving an annual special parcel tax of $180 per parcel, providing approximately $1,228,000 a year until ended by voters; with low-income senior exemptions, and independent oversight/audits, be adopted?

A yes vote is a vote in favor of authorizing the district to enact a parcel tax—a kind of property tax based on units of property rather than assessed value—at the annual rate of $180 per parcel to fund emergency services.
A no vote is a vote against authorizing the district to enact a parcel tax at the annual rate of $180 per parcel to fund emergency services.



MEASURE A – PROPOSED “CLEAN-UP” AMENDMENTS TO THE SAN DIEGO COUNTY CHARTER -Shall the Charter of the County of San Diego be amended for purposes of making“clean-up” amendments including amendments necessary to assure compliance with state and federal laws?

MEASURE B – PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO THE SAN DIEGO COUNTY CHARTER ENTITLED“PRESERVING BALANCED REPRESENTATION IN UNINCORPORATED AREAS OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY” Should the Charter of San Diego County be amended to direct a redistricting commission to maintain the current practice of establishing representative boundaries where at least three Board of Supervisor districts include unincorporated territory, with two of the districts having area predominately outside incorporated cities, as population will permit?

MEASURE C – PROPOSED SAN DIEGO COUNTY CHARTER AMENDMENT ENTITLED“PROTECTING GOOD GOVERNMENT THROUGH SOUND FISCAL PRACTICES”Should the Charter of San Diego County be amended to require pension stabilization funds be used solely for pension-related liabilities and prohibit using long-term obligations to finance current operations or recurring needs?

MEASURE D – INITIATIVE MEASURE PROPOSING CHARTER AMENDMENTS REQUIRING ALL ELECTIONS FOR SAN DIEGO COUNTY ELECTIVE OFFICES TO BE HELD AT A GENERAL ELECTION AND REQUIRING ADOPTION OF LOCAL REGULATIONS RELATING TO WRITE-IN CANDIDATES FOR COUNTY ELECTIVE OFFICE. Shall this initiative measure, proposing county charter amendments requiring all elections for San Diego County elective Offices to be held at a general election and requiring adoption of local regulations relating to write-in candidates for county elective office, be adopted?